Six albums to be released in summer 2019



Sun, 25 Aug 2019 - 02:17 GMT


Sun, 25 Aug 2019 - 02:17 GMT

Hamada Helal - ET

Hamada Helal - ET

CAIRO - 25 August 2019: A number of singing stars are preparing to release their albums in the 2019 summer season.

Some have finished recording their albums completely, while others are working to finish recording their remaining songs.

Egypt Today exposes the albums expected to be released in the upcoming few days:

Ahmed Gamal

Singer Ahmed Gamal has finished recording the songs of his new album to be released this summer or next winter season. The official release date is yet to be decided by the star. Gamal’s new album will consist of 10-12 songs.

Among the poets Gamal collaborated with are Noureddine Mohamed and Ahmed Sorour; he also cooperated with composer Ahmed el-Atabany, while he composed some of the songs himself. The rising star will put the finishing touches on the album during the coming period.

Hamada Helal

After the success of the series "Ibn Osool", Hamada Hilal finishes recording most of the songs of his new album to be released in the coming days. The new album will consist of 12-16 songs.

Mohamed Shahin

“Ibn Ami” (My Cousin), written and composed by Aziz el-Shafei, is one of the songs in Shahin’s new album. Another song is titled “Da eli gayy”, and is written by Ahmed el-Malky and composed by Mohamed Yehia.

Mohamed Mohie

Mohie’s new album consists of 18 songs. The album’s main song is titled “Qadeya” (Case), written by late poet Reda Amin and composed by Mostafa Awad.

Haitham Sa’eid

The young star announced the release of his new album titled “Youm 30” during the upcoming few days. The album’s promotional campaign will be launched very soon.

Hisham Abbas

Abbas is about to release his new album after years of absence. A new song from the much-anticipated album is released every week, to be fully released at the end of August. Among the songs of the new album are “Ehraby” and “El-Fatra eli Fatet”. Both songs are written by Shady Noor and composed Belal Soroor.



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