Al-Mena band to represent Egypt in Visa for Music Festival



Wed, 07 Aug 2019 - 02:01 GMT


Wed, 07 Aug 2019 - 02:01 GMT

Al Mena Band - ET

Al Mena Band - ET

CAIRO - 7 August 2019: Al-Mena band is preparing to fly to Morocco to participate in the sixth edition of Visa for Music Festival which will be hosted by the Moroccan capital, Rabat, starting November 20.

The band was chosen to represent Egypt in the festival as it is the only Egyptian band participating. The festival will host over 24 musical concerts in four consecutive days.

T The band was selected from more than 200 bands who applied to attend the festival in Morocco.

Almena - GTA

Stream & Download 'GTA': FOLLOW ALMENA: Video Director: Guy Mannion Video Producer: Thomas Mitchell Video Location: Aloft City Centre Deira, Dubai, UAE Audio Producer: Tarek Majdalani & Sleiman Damein Audio Mastering Engineer: Geoff Pesche Audio Recording Studio: Abbey Road Studios THANKS TO: Aloft Hotels Music video by Almena performing GTA.

Al-Mena recently celebrated the launch of the song "GTA". Al-Mena is the first Egyptian and Arab band to record a song in Abbey Road International Studio, where several iconic musicians such as Michael Jackson, Pink Floyd and The Beatles, previously recorded.

The band became noticed after winning the international music competition, Aloft, in the UAE. They were awarded a grant from Universal Music, which the band used to film a video clip in Dubai.

Al-Mena is considered one of the fastest growing musical experiences in the field of underground and alternative music in Egypt. Although the band was formed only 4 years ago, they managed to create a wide fan base through several songs such as “El-Ahly”, “El-Saheb” and “Iskendereya”.

The band consists of Ahmed Abdel Rasoul (bass guitarist), Adham Habashy (oud), John Sadek, Mohamed Afara (guitar), Omar Ali (keyboard) and Youssef Nour (vocalist and trumpet player).

The Visa for Music Festival is more than just a musical festival. It is a cultural and musical forum that brings together all those interested in music, including musicians, concert organizers, business agents, festival directors and audience.

The festival chooses the slogan "music travels without a visa'' to stress that music crosses borders and connects people of all languages and cultures.

The festival's fifth edition presented more than 50 musical performances from different countries, where the band “Sharmoofers” represented Egypt, Farah Serag represented Jordan and Nabila Maan represented Morocco.



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