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Esseily to perform at 6th of October on September 12

Sat, Aug. 24, 2019
CAIRO – 24 August 2019: Famed Egyptian singer Mahmoud el-Esseily will perform in the graduation party of one of the universities in 6th of October city on September 12.
Recently, Esseily has uploaded a new video clip titled "Millions" on his official channel on YouTube. The lyrics are written by Amir Teima.

Esseily is an Egyptian singer and composer who was born in 1982. His mother discovered his early passion for music and enrolled him in Piano lessons at the age of 4.

At an early age, Esseily’s teachers used to compliment his talents and often complained about his tendency to go off note and change a Beethoven Musical piece to play it his own style.

Esseily achieved a bachelor's degree in mass communication and integrated marketing at the American university.

In 2003, he released his first video clip named, "Magnona" (Crazy), achieving booming success, and skyrocketing Esseily’s popularity.

Among his famous songs are "Rayeh ala Feen" (Where Are You Going?), "Tabat w Nabat" (Happily Ever After), and "El-Fostan el-Abyad" (The White Dress) among others.
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