New dispute between Assala, Ahlam emerges on Twitter



Tue, 30 Jul 2019 - 03:11 GMT


Tue, 30 Jul 2019 - 03:11 GMT

Assala and Ahlam - ET

Assala and Ahlam - ET

CAIRO - 30 July 2019: Three months ago, Emirati star Ahlam made sure to congratulate Asala on her birthday, forgetting the dispute that had occurred earlier between them, and initiating reconciliation.

The story of this dispute began when Ahlam congratulated Assala for her new song at the time "Bent Akaber”, through a post on social media. However, Assala did not reply back to Ahlam’s post, which made Ahlam delete the post entirely.

The clash between the two singers ended with Ahlam blocking Assala on Twitter. This clash caused a great dispute among the fans of both stars on social media.

The beginning of the dispute happened when Assala wished Kuwaiti media personality Fagr el-Saeed a speedy recovery, as she was going through a health crisis. Assala affirmed in her post that she holds no hate for Saeed in her heart.

Ahlam appeared out of nowhere and posted “This is what I always say to Saeed about you, and how kind hearted you are, which is why I love you endlessly. Thank you for your kind words to Saeed, which reflects what a great person you are.”

Assala then replied to Ahlam’’s post on Twitter saying “Halouma (nickname for Ahlam) I know and am sure of how much you love me. Halouma I am so tired of the fights and reconciliation between us for almost a quarter century. Anyways, God bless you always and bless all those with kind hearts and I wish every ill person a speedy recovery.”

After Assala’s reply to Ahlam, the Emirati star then deleted her previous post thanking Assala. This caused confusion to both their fans on social media as there was no clear reason for that. This provoked Assala’s fans which attacked Ahlam fiercely on Twitter.

The attack on Ahlam made her “block” Assala and publicly announce that she did. Emirati singer Ahlam did not only block Assala, she also used profane words in her comment directed at Assala.

People in the Arab world have enough problems in their lives and do not need celebrities, who are supposed to be good examples and idols, to display their disputes. Acting in such a way can have its negative influence on teens and adults alike.

Celebrities are supposed to preach good manners, tolerance and love. However, in the modern days, celebrities can sometimes become the source of trouble!



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