Soundtrack Orchestra rocks Roman Theater in Alexandria


Mon, 29 Jul 2019 - 10:00 GMT

Part of the concert - Press photo

Part of the concert - Press photo

CAIRO - 29 July 2019: The Egyptian Opera House, headed by Magdy Saber, held a concert for Soundtrack Orchestra as part of the events of the Summer Opera Festival in the Roman Theater.

The concert was led by Mohammed Barakat and included a variety of distinct soundtracks of Egyptian and international series and films.

The orchestra presented the soundtracks of the films “El-Aydi al-Naema” (soft hands) by late composer Ali Ismail, “Shams el-Zanati” by Hani Shenouda, “Hata Akher el-omr” (Until my last days) by late composer Omar Khourshid, “Arees Min Geha Amneya” (A husband from an authoritarian entity) by Amro Abu Zekra, “Hamam in Amsterdam” and “Toyour el zalam” (Birds of the night) by Khaled Hamad, “Hawanem Garden City” by Rageh Dawoud, in addition to the soundtracks of some international films including "Rocky", "Mission Impossible" and "Brave Heart".

The Soundtrack Orchestra was founded by artist Mohammed Barakat and pianist Amir Awad in 2018 in order to present soundtracks of prominent Arab and foreign films and series. The orchestra includes a large group of young academic musicians.



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