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IMAX launces 'The Lion King' in pure African atmosphere

Thu, Jul. 18, 2019
CAIRO - 18 July 2019: A pure African atmosphere was present in IMAX with the launch of Disney’s much anticipated new edition of “The Lion King”.

IMAX Egypt surprised its audience at the launch of "The Lion King", where it presented a performance presenting African dances and costumes and illustrating the African Savannah which the film portrays.

IMAX also prepared a photography studio to encourage the public to take commemorative photos with their favorite film characters.

African dance performances will run on Thursdays and Fridays before the opening of the 5:15 p.m., 7:45 p.m. and 10:15 p.m. shows.

"The Lion King" is presented by IMAX using the latest film technology of 3D, which provides the audience with the highest level of clarity, contrast, and accuracy, thanks to its screens which are enforced with the 4K technology.

The IMAX technology has 12 audio channels to give the viewers a surround sound system, enabling them to hear every sound and realize its source.

The IMAX cinema is designed in a way which allows the audience to see the entire screen, seated anywhere in the movie theater.

If the movie is shot with an IMAX camera, the viewer can enjoy a 26 percent larger image than the one provided by other normal screens, allowing for more details, especially with its huge curved screen.

"The Lion King" follows the story of Simba, the young cub who seeks to recover his throne as the king of the jungle after his father was killed by his younger brother. Simba faces many situations to learn the true meaning of courage and responsibility.

Golden Globe winner Donald Glover plays the sound performance of Simba, James Earl plays Mufasa and Chutel Egyofor plays Scar. Additionally, three-time Golden Globe nominee Beyonce plays Nala, and two-time primetime award nominee Billy Eisner plays Timmons.

The much-anticipated film is expected to achieve unprecedented success in Egypt and globally.

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