British TV delegation ends visit to Aswan


Wed, 17 Jul 2019 - 12:57 GMT

Beautiful Temple in Aswan - Press Photo

Beautiful Temple in Aswan - Press Photo

CAIRO - 17 July 2019: The British TV delegation, headed by director Olivia Maud King, ended their visit to Aswan in preparation for a documentary about Egypt.

Ahmed Ali Obaid, director of the press center for foreign correspondents in Aswan, clarified that the documentary, “Egypt's Lost City Drain”, is part of a series of documentaries that sheds light on the sunken, ancient and modern antiquities of Egypt.
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Made up of 10 documentaries, the series combines scientific data and digital creations to detect shipwrecks, treasures and cities sunken at the bottom of lakes, seas and oceans around the world, including the Gulf of Mexico, the Nile, the Indian Ocean, the Baltic Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

The delegation, which includes photographer William David, sound engineer Stuart Waring and production assistant Catherine Pinnor, filmed in the governorates of Alexandria, Aswan, Abu Bakir, and Kom Ombo, among others, in addition to scattered views of the Nile River, a general view of the Nile and some fields on both sides of the Nile and the Nile islands.
Egyptologist, Bob Bianchi, spoke about the sunken ruins and the great civilization of Egypt. Bianchi served as an archaeologist in Egypt for nearly 15 years and his eldest grandfather was a resident of Alexandria.

The documentary will screen on National Geographic in October.



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