Georges Wassouf to perform in Iraq on July 19


Tue, 16 Jul 2019 - 01:18 GMT

FILE - Georges Wassouf

FILE - Georges Wassouf

CAIRO - 16 July 2019: Syrian megastar Georges Wassouf will perform a concert in Iraq on July 19. The concert is expected to be attended by a huge number of Wassouf’s fans.

The iconic singer will present a selection of his most popular songs during the concert, including “Youm el Wadaa” (The day of farewell), “Enta Gheirhom” (You are different), “Lesa el Donia Bekheir” (There is still good in the world), among others.

Wassouf recently uploaded his latest song “Seket el-Kalam” (No more to say) on his official Youtube channel. The song achieved huge success. “Seket el Kalam” is written by Atef Younis, composed by Shaker el-Mogy, distributed by Tony Saba, and directed by Ahmed al-Munajjid.

The clip featured scenes for Syrian artists Abed Fahad, Milad Youssef and Tatiana Moreeb. The idea of the clip revolves around a dramatic framework, where Abed Fahad played the role of a friend sitting next to Wassouf at the beginning of the clip.

Georges Wassouf - Seket EL Kalam [Official Music Video] (2019) / جورج وسوف - سكت الكلام

Georges Wassouf - Seket EL Kalam [Official Music Video] (2019) / جورج وسوف - سكت الكلام Directed By: Ahmad Al Mounajed Composer: Chaker Elmouji Lyrics By: Atef Younes Arranged & Recorded By: Tony Saba Mastering By: Mohammad Al Makhour Produced By: Eamar Music Lyrics | كلمات سكت الكلام ما عدش



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