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El Mamar movie was screened in Dubai on July 4

Fri, Jul. 5, 2019
CAIRO – 5 July 2019: The Egyptian movie "El-Mamar" was screened in Dubai on Thursday, July 4 with the attendance of the film stars such as Ahmed Ezz, Mohamed Farag and Ahmed Rezk.

Egyptians who are living in Dubai was keen to watch the important patriotic movie which achieved booming success with revenues amounted to 50,308,000 L.E.

The film revolves around the role of the heroic Egyptian Commandos during the War of Attrition, headed by the leader of Group 39 martyr Ibrahim al-Rifai.

The massive production discusses the time period from the 1967 war to the early days of the War of Attrition.

"El-Mammar", directed by SherifArafa and written by Arafa and Amir Teima, stars Ahmed Ezz, , Hend Sabry, Ahmed Rizk, Asma Abul Yazid, Eyad Nassar, Sherif Mounir, Mohamed Farag, Ahmed Falawkas and Inaam Salousa, among others.

Veteran musician Omar Khairat composed the movie’s soundtrack, which pays tribute to one of the most heroic battles ever fought by Egyptian soldiers.
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