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El Gouna Film Festival extends deadline for applicants

Wed, Jun. 26, 2019
CAIRO - 26 June 2019: The organizers of El Gouna Film Festival's third edition extended the deadline for accepting applications to July 2.

Filmmakers working on their film projects can apply before that date. El Gouna Film Platform is an industry-oriented event aimed at supporting and empowering Arab filmmakers, providing them with technical and financial support.

The platform provides two different programs for filmmakers wishing to participate and learn: El Gouna Cinema Bridge and El Gouna Runway.

El Gouna Runway is a laboratory for the development of film projects and for joint-productions. It aims to empower Arab filmmakers, including producers and directors working on film projects in the development stage, or post-production films, by providing creative and financial support.

Applications submitted, prior to the date indicated above, will be examined by a specialized film committee designated by El Gouna Film Festival. Chosen projects will be selected based on their content, artistic vision and the feasibility of their financial implementation.

El Gouna Film Festival or GFF is an annual film festival established in 2017, hosted in the Red Sea resort town of El Gouna, Egypt. The inaugural festival started September 22, 2017

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