Who are the State Awards winners for 2019?



Sun, 23 Jun 2019 - 04:08 GMT


Sun, 23 Jun 2019 - 04:08 GMT

Part of the committee

Part of the committee

CAIRO - 23 June 2019: The board held its annual meeting to announce the winners of the State Awards.

The secretary general of the Supreme Council of council announced the completion of the quorum of the meeting; where 40 members out of 50 members of the council attended.

The secretary general of the council then continued to welcome the audience and pointed to the importance of the event, stressing that the State Awards are historically the oldest among the other prizes and awards on the local and Pan-Arab levels. It is also an opportunity for thinkers, creators and intellectuals to reap the fruits of their literature, science, culture and creativity.

The names of the winners of the State Encouragement Awards are as follows:


Photography: Amaa el-Nawawy, Sculpture: Najeeb Moen, Music Composing: Ruled out, Theatrical Direction: Tamer Karam Ayoub Mostafa, Theatrical Writing: Ruled out, Construction and Constructive Culture (Cultural Buildings and Urban Environment): Mohamed Abdel Hamid Mohamed Obeid, Folklore Arts and Writing: (performance - study): Ruled out, Directing a Long Documentary Film: Ruled out.


Applied study in the Arab narrative: Alaa Abdel Moneim Ibrahim Ghoneim Amer, Linguistic Analysis of Literary Text: Ruled out, Poetry: Abdel Rahman Mustafaa Mustafa Meqled, General Poetry: Kamel Kamal Kamel Ahmed Mabrouk, Historical Novel: Ahmed Mohamed Saad el-Din Ismail, Very Short Story Set: Mohamed Ahmed Hassan el-Hedeni, Directing Children Animation: Ruled out, Translation of a creative work: Ruled out.

Social Sciences

Sociology: Ruled out, History: Ruled out, Geography: Ruled out, Philosophy and Psychology: Ruled out, Media: Ruled out, Antiquities: Ruled out, Scientific Culture: Ruled out, Education: Ruled out.

Economic and legal sciences

Economics of Tourism Industry in Egypt: Ruled out, Strategies for Economic Development in Egypt between Reality and Hope: Ruled out, Political Systems: Rabha Mohamed Seif el-Din Najm el-Din Allam, International Political Systems: Ruled out, Islamic Law (Islamic jurisprudence and its links to contemporary reality between stability and innovation): Ruled out, General International Law (United Nations Reform): Ruled out, Culture of Citizenship and Human Rights: Rami Metwally Abdel Wahab Ibrahim, Proposed Anti-discrimination Policies and Legislation: Ruled out.



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