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Sun, 16 Jun 2019 - 03:25 GMT


Sun, 16 Jun 2019 - 03:25 GMT

Supreme Council of Culture - Official website.

Supreme Council of Culture - Official website.

CAIRO - 16 June 2019: The Supreme Council of Culture will hold the annual meeting to announce the winners of the State Awards on Sunday, June 23. The new council includes more than 60 iconic figures of thought, literature, culture and arts, in addition to a number of ministers and heads of trade unions and cultural entities.The State Awards are divided into the following categories:

First: Arts branch

The arts branch includes the art of painting, art of ceramics, playing the instrument of Qanun, theatrical representation, theatrical fashion designing, educational and research facilities compatible with the environment, traditional foods associated with popular events and celebrations and filming a long feature film.

Second: Literature branch

The literature branch includes awards for criticism of poetry, a study on computer dictionaries of the Arabic language, poetry library, poetic plays, novels, electronic applications for children, the translation of a book in narrative criticism, novels written by young writers aging from 9-15 consisting of 5000-15000 words.

Third: Social Sciences branch

The social sciences branch includes sociology, history, geography, philosophy and psychology, youth, books and publishing, environmental culture and the science of management.

Fourth: Economic and Legal Sciences branch

This branch includes the economics of the environment, Egyptian economy between independence and dependence, political thought and theory, Middle Eastern studies, philosophy and history of law, Law of Commerce and Private International Law, the principle of citizenship in Egyptian history and the principle of equality and non-discrimination.

Furthermore, the State Prize for Excellence includes three sections: Arts, Literature and Social Sciences. The value of each prize is LE 100,000 and a silver medal, which may not be divided or granted to one person in the same branch more than once.

In addition, the State Appreciation Prize is worth LE 200,000 and a gold medal. The prize cannot be divided or given to one person more than once. The number of state awards allocated is 10 prizes divided as follows: three prizes in the arts branch, three prizes in the literature branch and four prizes in the social sciences branch.Finally, the Nile Award, which has undergone several amendments such as raising its financial value and changing its name to become:

"Nile Award for Egyptian creators", in addition to the establishment of an award for Arab creators, bearing the name: "Nile Prize for Arab creators".This prize is awarded to one of the Arab creators in one of the fields of arts, literature or social sciences. Both the Nile Award for Egyptian creators and the Nile Prize for Arab creators is worth LE 500,000 and a gold medal.The Nile Awards for Egyptian Creators come as follows: an Arts Award, a Literature Award and a Social Science Award, while only one prize is awarded to the Arab creators in any of the following fields: arts, literature or social sciences.



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