For How Long Will People keep forgiving Ahmed Adam?



Sat, 15 Jun 2019 - 11:44 GMT


Sat, 15 Jun 2019 - 11:44 GMT

File- Ahmed Adam and Mohamed Negm.

File- Ahmed Adam and Mohamed Negm.

CAIRO - 15 June 2019: The comedian actor turned TV show presenter has been known in the last few years for his controversial statements rather than his work, and as his mistakes grow and work decreases one does wonder if Ahmed Adam will soon be forgotten and acknowledged only for his wrong doings.

No one can deny Adam's talent or his wealth of theatrical and film archive, and sure enough he has an army of fans but the question here, for how long can these fans support and defend Adams actions.

From his mockery of Aleppo's bombing few years ago which angered million of viewers and led to the halt of his then TV program for a short period, to the personal attack he launched on the film and TV drama writer Tamer Habib, describing him as unknown and even 'Google can't find information on him'.

The stinging attack on Habib came in retaliation to a tweet and a Facebook post that Habib wrote in disgust at the way Adam made a joke of a human catastrophe that was taking place in Aleppo, yet does this give Adam the right to use a TV program that he happens to present to settle personal scores?

Fast forward few years later and Adam is at it again; making statements that are not only controversial but extremely offensive and damaging. His appearance on the much talked about Sheikh Al-Hara, provided him with an opportunity to verbally attack the recently deceased comedian star Mohammed Negm, where Adam claimed that he knows 'things about Negm which if he reveals will make the general public detest him' and went on to say that Negm had an issue with Mohammed Sobhy and used Adam as a 'pawn' to get back at Sobhy.

Whether this is true or not it is hard to verify, especially now that Negm has passed away but the question here forces itself had it been a different actor with more weight within the acting industry such as Adel Emam or Sameer Ghaenem would Adam have had the audacity to give such statement or would the programme makers even allowed it? Plus, how would Adam be feeling now, knowing that the last thing Negm would have seen before his death is this attack from Adam? And would the fans of Negm forgive Adam?

In the same interview, Adam also claimed that his marriage went through a difficult period many years ago due to a love story he lived with one of his female co-stars which he refused to name initially then few seconds later he gave 3 letters of her name.
It did not take long for people on social media to guess that it must be Ghada Abdel Razak even though some thought at first its Ghada Adel but soon Razak become the more obvious choice.

Some might regard this revelation as harmless but spare a thought to his wife, how would she feel having her private matters exposed to millions on the TV screen just to boost Adam's ego and macho image? How would his children feel or even Razak's family? Surly there is a fine line between being honest and brutally hurtful.

Ironically a week or so later after Adam's appearance on Sheikh Al-Hara, the same programme had Somyea Al-Khashab as a guest and it was then made public by the disguised character of Sheikh Al-Hara that after Al-Khashab's divorce from Ahmed Saad, she received a phone call from Adam who told her 'she has become so beautiful after her divorce'. Is this a normal behaviour of an actor with such calibre?

Whether you love or loath Adam, you must question his decisions and question how can his PR team – if he has one – allow such behaviour to continue because Adam is not a huge star so his fan base can not be compared to someone like Mohammed Ramadan – his fans always forgive his mistakes because of the size of these fans plus the fact he is an actor in demand – both of which don't apply to Adam which makes his errors more difficult to forgive and forget.



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