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Anoushka, Khaled Selim, Nehal Nabil combat corruption through 'Asr Gedid'

Thu, Jun. 13, 2019
CAIRO - 13 June 2019: Anoushka, Khaled Selim and Nehal Nabil participated in a song titled “Asr Gedid” (A New Era). The song comes on the sidelines of the first African Forum on Combating Corruption, which kicked off Wednesday in Sharm el-Sheikh.

“A large team was behind this song, starting with director Batul Arafa, director of photography Hossam Habib, and stylists Khaled Abdulaziz and Maha Baraka,” said Anoushka, pointing out that the team had to produce the song in only a few days.

“The song was filmed during the Eid el-Fitr holidays,” continued Anoushka, stressing that she did not face any difficulties in this song, because of the good spirit that existed among the team.

Anoushka does not consider the musical project a mere song, as it consisted of numerous embedded messages to the public, including the promotion of industrial cooperation between African nations, pointing out that the state of joy appearing in the song - which was referred to by a number of viewers- indicate the joy of the Egyptians to host a number of African countries and embrace them.

عصر جديد | خالد سليم -أنوشكا - نيهال نبيل ، إخراج / بتول عرفه

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