Ahmed el-Badry wins Cairo International Biennale Award


Thu, 13 Jun 2019 - 02:23 GMT

FILE - Ahmed el-Badry

FILE - Ahmed el-Badry

CAIRO - 13 June 2019: Egyptian artist Ahmed el-Badry won the Cairo International Biennale Award, which is worth LE 150,000.

The biennale's 13th edition was held in three artistic locations; the Museum of Modern Art, the Palace of Arts at the Opera House, and the Arts Complex at Aisha Fahmy Palace in Zamalek.

Badry’s philosophy revolves around the East and its language; a language that contains no alphabet and without vocabulary, a language of non-translatable burdens, clearly manifested in economic practices, in which the society shares the material burdens required by the costly events in a manner that achieves solidarity and sustainability.

Badri further explained that this project is an attempt to explore the language of the East by inviting a group of writers and artists interested in language to propose the names of the hybrid tools; a box opener connected to an electrified drill, a tool that carries the same logic of support in its creation to restore its usefulness and sustainability.

It is worth mentioning that the artist is currently studying for a Master's in Physical Media at the Academy of Arts. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Art Education, Helwan University in 2003, and has individual and group exhibitions in Egypt and abroad.




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