Mohamed Salah's fish challenge takes social media by storm



Wed, 12 Jun 2019 - 04:04 GMT


Wed, 12 Jun 2019 - 04:04 GMT

Mohamed Salah holding a large fish,  Assir Yassin holding his son in a funny response - Press photos

Mohamed Salah holding a large fish, Assir Yassin holding his son in a funny response - Press photos

CAIRO - 12 June 2019: World famous Egyptian football star Mohamed Salah's fish challenge took social networking sites by storm.

The Liverpool star uploaded a picture on his official Instagram account holding a large fish, while he stood in a boat in the middle of the sea, wearing his swimming suit.

Salah took the photo during a fishing trip while he enjoyed his summer vacation in El Gouna, Egypt, prior to joining the National team’s camp in preparation for the African Cup of Nations, set to kick off in Egypt on June 21.

The image uploaded by Liverpool star Salah has sparked wide-ranging reactions on social network sites, prompting many celebrities and sports stars to join the competition line, posting similar images.

One of the most significant members of the challenge is Egyptian actor Assir Yassin, who uploaded a humorous picture on Instagram carrying his son in the same way Salah carried the large fish. Yassin launched a vote, asking the public’s opinion on the best picture, saying: Salah or Asser?
Amr Zaki holding a giant fish
Fromer Zamalek player Amr Zaki holding a large fish - Official Instagram

Among the stars joining the fish competition is Amr Zaki, Zamalek’s star and former Egyptian National team star, he uploaded a similar picture carrying a large fish, commenting: “It is the same sea, but the fish varies Mr. International” in reference to world famous Liverpool player Salah.

Zamalek striker Omar al-Said, who exploited the Egyptian league's suspension, went on a fishing trip, uploading a picture holding two very small fish in a funny response to the huge fish Salah was carrying.
Omar al-Said and his tiny fish
Zamalek player Omar al-Said - Official Instagram



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