Bayram al-Tunisi: Main personality of Literary Conference


Mon, 10 Jun 2019 - 11:25 GMT

Late poet Bayram al-Tunisi - Wikipedia

Late poet Bayram al-Tunisi - Wikipedia

CAIRO - 10 June 2019: In its 34th edition, the Literary Conference of Egypt celebrates iconic late poet Bayram al-Tunisi, one of Egypt’s most famous colloquial poets.

Tunisi was selected by the General Secretariat of the conference as the conference’s personality of 2019. There will be a focus during the conference sessions on the work of the late poet as part of the sessions of the general subdivision entitled "Cultural Mobility and the Crisis of Consciousness in Creativity Receiving”.

In addition, research seminars on the biography and poetical works of the late prominent poet and thinker will be held on the sidelines of the conference. The secretariat will work with the publishing department of the General Authority for Cultural Palaces to publish a book on the late writer; however, its content has not yet been settled.

Moreover, the secretariat will also contact one of the heirs of the great poet to be honored on the sidelines of the conference, which is set to be held in December in one of Egypt's provinces, which is yet to be decided.

The secretariat is scheduled to hold its next meeting on Tuesday, June 18, to complete the research axis and announce the research competition for the conference. Also, dignitaries from different provinces, public figures and media professionals will be selected.

It is worth mentioning that the latest session of the Egyptian Literary Conference was held in Matrouh Governorate, under the chairmanship of Mostafa el-Fiki, the president of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. Matrouh was officially labeled as the first “Egyptian Cultural City” in 2019.

A book on Matrouh governorate titled: "The Creative Landscape and the Cultural Map of Matrouh" was published. The book focused on the customs, traditions and cultural heritage of the city.



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