Hassan finally knows the man responsible for all his misery



Mon, 03 Jun 2019 - 11:48 GMT


Mon, 03 Jun 2019 - 11:48 GMT

Mostafa Shaaban - Twitter

Mostafa Shaaban - Twitter

CAIRO - 2 June 2019: In episode 27 of “Abou Gabal”, Hassan -Mostafa Shaaban- finally uncovers the identity of the man who looted him, torched his house and killed his children.

After investigating, Hassan reaches a girl named Kholoud Fatla, who directs Hassan to a man named Abdo el-Mohem. Mohem clarifies to Hassan that Shady -Ahmed Khaled Saleh-, his brother-in-law, is the killer and thief.

The 27th episode of series also presented a scene showing Wagih -Mahmoud el-Bezzawy- going to the police station and agreeing with the officers to pay the price of the land to bail Saad -Diab- out of prison.

Furthermore, Rehab -Naglaa Badr- rushed to one of the drug dealers, and managed to purchase some hallucinogens. The demonic Rehab plans to put the pills in food and tea and present it to her father -Wagih. Rehab wants her father to lose his mind, as she plans to sue him and eventually put her hands on his money and everything he owns.

The events of "Abou Gabal"’s 27th episode ended with a scene showing Atiya al-Aqra -Magdy el-Beheiry- and the rest of Hassan’s men going to Abdo, the man responsible for cloning the key of Hassan's apartment. Hassan’s men beat him mercilessly before throwing him in their car all battered and bruised up. They then drove him to the place where Hassan is.

Once they arrived to the location where Hassan was impatiently waiting, Hassan threatened Abdo that he will burn him alive if he does not name the man who is responsible for all the misery he went through. Abdo was terrified, and said in such a weak voice that could hardly be heard: “Someone you know very well”.

The scene ended with Shady -Ahmed Khaled Salah- sitting in a car with Abdo, indirectly showing the observer that Shady is the man Hassan wants.

How will Hassan retaliate against what his brother-in-law did? Will Hassan kill both Abdo and Shady? Stay tuned to the next episode.

“Abou Gabal” is written by Mohamed Sayed Bashir and directed by Ahmed Saleh. It is starring Mostafa Shaaban, Diab, Naglaa Badr, Mariam Hassan, Aisha Ben Ahmed, Rasha Ben Maaweya, Mahmoud el-Bazzawy, Mohamed Ali Rizk, Aida Riad and Ahmed Khaled Saleh.



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