'Le Akher Nafas' Episode 24: Emir of terrorist group shot dead



Thu, 30 May 2019 - 02:28 GMT


Thu, 30 May 2019 - 02:28 GMT

Part of “Le AKher Nafas” cast  - Twitter

Part of “Le AKher Nafas” cast - Twitter

CAIRO - 30 May 2019: The 24th episode of “Le Akher Nafas” (Till the last breath) showed a scene uniting Abu Ziyad with Shokry, agreeing on smuggling a shipment of weapons into the country.

Yusif appears out of nowhere, which forced Shokry to leave. Yusif then expressed unease about the whole smuggling thing.

On the other hand, Saed was able to accompany Yasser to the group camp according to the emir's orders. Salma was summoned to the police station for questioning in Huda’s murder case.

In addition, Dina regained her consciousness and recovered after a medical surgery. When she was informed of the kidnapping of Yasser, she tried to get out of bed but her injury prevented her from moving.

Furthermore, Yasser woke up finding himself in the terrorist group camp. An officer came to the hospital to investigate the kidnapping of Yasser. Salma refused to inform the police, because Yasser had tried to rescue her sister.

Also, Salma received a call from the person who kidnapped her children, informing her that his patience was about to run out and she had a last chance to hand over the hard disks within a week.

Yasser discussed with the emir of the terrorist group and Saeed his escape from the camp and his failure to obey orders. The emir was about to kill Yasser post the heated discussion; however, Saeed killed Abu Ziad and helped Yasser escape.

Will Yasser manage to stay on the run for long? Will the terrorist group retaliate after the murder of their Emir? Stay tuned for the upcoming episode to find out.

“Le Akher Nafas” is directed by Hossam Ali, and written by Amin Galal and Tarek el-Kashef. The series is starring Yasmine Abdel Aziz who plays the role of an engineer, who is married to a police officer and has two children. The series is a social drama.

“Le Akher Nafas” stars Ahmed el-Awadi, Ahmed Salah Hosny, Murad Makram, Hagar el-Sharnoubi, Ismail Sharaf, among others.



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