Cairo Opera House to host ceremony led by Magdi Baghdadi


Wed, 29 May 2019 - 02:10 GMT

Egyptian Soprano Iman Mustafa - Twitter

Egyptian Soprano Iman Mustafa - Twitter

CAIRO - 29 May 2019: Cairo Opera House announced holding a ceremony led by maestro Magdi Baghdadi, with the participation of soprano Iman Mustafa and violinist Hassan Sharara.

In addition, the Cairo Opera group led and trained by Pascal Roset will also participate. The concert will be held on May 31 on the Grand Theater.

The program includes a number of exclusive Egyptian works, including “Mohammed Rasool Allah, La Elah Ela Allah” (Mohammed the Prophet of Allah, there is no God but Allah) for Gamal Salama, as well as a selection of the most important works of classical and international opera songs including some of the Russian composer Tchaikovsky’s most popular compositions.

The Cairo Opera Orchestra was founded in 1994. The Cairo Opera Orchestra and the Cairo Opera Ballet participated in many ballet and opera performances.

The Cairo Opera Orchestra was also interested in presenting a series of concerts under the name of “Gala Conser”, taking advantage of the time it does not participate in other ballet and opera performances to allow Egyptian singers to sing accompanied by the orchestra.



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