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Marwa al-Sahn: Proud of Egypt's ranking among winning nations

Tue, May. 28, 2019
CAIRO - 28 May 2019: Marwa al-Sahn, director of the Center for Francophone Activities at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, said that she felt proud of Egypt's victory after announcing her as a member of the Board of Governors of the International Federation of Associations and Libraries (IFLA).

Sahn occupies this post for the second time in a row; she landed in the second place in the number of votes.

“I felt proud to win this position because I represent my country and those who do not know me will certainly know Egypt and its civilizations,” said Sahn in a statement.

Sahn further explained that after becoming a member of the Board of Governors, her view of the union differed; the new position taught her new political skills while dealing with representatives different countries in the union.

"It was necessary for the Arab region and Africa to be represented in the union with a European, American and Canadian majority,” Sahn explained.

She pointed out that the associations in these countries have a desire to work and cooperate, but monetary problems hinder them. (IFLA) seeks to develop and educate the competent in developing countries, planning to establish three workshops in Egypt, and invite distinguished individuals to attend the union’s upcoming conference.

“There is no conflict between my work as the director of the Francophone Center of the Library of Alexandria and the membership in the Board of Governors of the International Federation of Associations and Libraries,” clarified Sahn, asserting that her work in both positions is completely non-profitable and voluntarily.

Sahn joined the International Federation in 2003 and has been a working member since 2005. She chaired the multimedia committee, the communications officer of the conservation and restoration committee of the union since 2015. She achieved her master's degree in 2007 in addition to a PhD from the Department of Information and Communication at the University of Paris in France in 2012.

Due to her extensive work efforts in the first session of her membership in the Governing Council between 2017 and 2019, Sahn received 745 votes in the second election, granting her the second place after the representative of the United States, who received 801 votes.
IFLA is the main international entity concerned with libraries and information services and its users. It was founded in Scotland in 1927. It has more than 1600 members, from about 150 countries from all over the world.

IFLA is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit international organization that continuously seeks to promote and strengthen libraries and protect its interests in international forums. IFLA holds several workshops in different parts of the world to promote professional practices, increasing awareness of the growing importance of libraries in the digital age.

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