FILE - The tile bearing Tanwirizi’s name FILE - The tile bearing Tanwirizi’s name

Islamic Arts: Ceramic tile bearing the name of Ghibi Bin Tanwirizi

Tue, May. 28, 2019
CAIRO - 28 May 2019: Egypt possesses many antiquities from different eras, among which are artifacts of the Islamic era. Thus, the Museum of Islamic Art was established in Bab al-Khalq district to host many of the priceless Islamic artifacts.

The Museum of Islamic Arts includes more than 100,000 artifacts, belonging to different Islamic eras and branches of Islamic arts. Its art collection is distinguished among other museums. Some of the most important items exhibited are pieces of fabric and carpets, precious stones, Ivory, porcelain, wood, Metals, glass, manuscripts, coins, ornaments and weapons.
Example Islamic Tile - Shutterstock
Under the porcelain section, there is a ceramic slab, bearing the name of the manufacturer Ghibi Bin Tanwirizi -Egypt - Mamluk era, eighth century AH / 14 AD.

This tile is one of the most famous Mamluk ceramic tiles that holds the name of Ghibi Bin Tanwirizi written in Kufic script in the four corners of the tile.

The writings of this masterpiece demonstrate the artist's skill in using writings/fonts as a basic decorative element and adapting the writing fonts as a distinctive feature of Islamic art.

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