'Qamar Hadi' episode 22: Philip kills Salma for revenge


Tue, 28 May 2019 - 01:13 GMT

"Qamar Hadi"

"Qamar Hadi"

CAIRO - 28 May 2019: Episode 22 of “Qamar Hadi” featured some shocking turn of events, especially after the appearance of Salma - Serene al-Kafour.

Hadi Aboul Makarem –Hany Salama- received a phone call from Salma before meeting her. Salma clarified numerous chilling details to Hadi, the most important being the protection of her brother Eduard -Moumen Nour- and Walaa-Heidi Refaat- from Philip’s revenge.

Philip found out about Hadi Aboul Makarem's truth. Philip killed Salma and sent a video to Hadi revealing the entire cold blooded murder of Salma.

Philip’s gruesome murder was not enough. He decided to abduct Shahd –Aya Samaha-, Hadi’s cousin, fatally shooting her.

The series revolves around Hadi Aboul Makarem, a man who lost his memory as a result of a fateful accident. As times goes by, Aboul Makarem remembers small details.

It is worth mentioning that Aboul Makarem’s personality changes as soon as the moon appears in the night sky. His daughter fears him as his behavior completely changes and worsens.

Aboul Makarem is also a junky and an alcoholic, which adds more darkness into his doomed life. What is causing these drastic changes in Aboul Makarem's personality? Is it the moon? The drugs and alcohol or is it something else yet to be discovered? Stay tuned for the next episode to find out.



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