Will Selim manage to eliminate Safwan and his dark forces?



Mon, 27 May 2019 - 01:35 GMT


Mon, 27 May 2019 - 01:35 GMT

FILE - Kalabsh

FILE - Kalabsh

CAIRO - 27 May 2019: Events continue to escalate in episode 21 of the series “Kalabsh PIII” (Handcuffs P III) starring Amir Karara. During the events of the episode, Ansari -Karara- faces Safwan - Hisham Selim- and raises his gun to shoot him dead.

Safwan makes it clear to Ansari that if he kills him, Ansari’s son will also die, and therefore Ansari’s loss will be doubled, especially after he loses his brother-in-law to a terrorist attack.

After Ansari thinks of the consequences of shooting Safwan, he backs off, as he fears for the life of his son. Ansari then thinks about a previous conversation with his deceased brother-in-law Hossam, who advised him to get rid of the top guy(s) first. These flashbacks with Hossam calm him down temporarily, and he decides to walk away from Safwan.

In a different context, as Ansari visits the grave of his brother-in-law, he spotts his mother -Hala Fakher- dressed in white, which is not the norm in funerals. Ansari confronts his mother and asks her why she is dressed in white. His mother clarifies to him that this is Hossam’s request. A majestic funeral for Hossam was viewed as part of the episode’s events.

On the other hand, famed TV presenter Heidy Karam continues to attack and defame the government on her TV program because of Akram Safwan, who owns the channel she works in.

After the funeral, Major General Galal Khattab and Selim el-Ansari speak about their plan to kill Akram Safwan in northern Sinai. During their conversation, Khattab confirms that there is someone who will help him in the elimination of Akram Safwan and his men in northern Sinai.

What will happen in the 22nd episode? Will Ansari and Khattab manage to eliminate the dark forces in Sinai led by Safwan, or is Safwan going to be victorious? Stay tuned for the next episode.

“Kalabsh P III” is written by Baher Deweidar, directed by Peter Mimi and is the production of Synergy. The screenplay is starring Amir Karara, Ahmed el-Awady, Omar el-Shennawi, Islam Gamal, Amira el-Ayedy, Ahmed Emam, Mohamed Ali Rizk, Amany Kamal, Nasser Seif, among others.

It is broadcast on ON E during the holy month of Ramadan.



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