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Mon, 27 May 2019 - 01:32 GMT

FILE - Part of the film screenings at Vision Forum for Youth Cinema

FILE - Part of the film screenings at Vision Forum for Youth Cinema

CAIRO - 27 May 2019: Numerous film screenings were held on the second day of the third edition of the Vision Forum for Youth Cinema, which was held by the National Center for Cinema on May 26.

“El Gaheem el-Abyad” (White hell) for director Ahmed Assem and “Yawmeyat Maseh el Ahzeya” (Shoe polisher daily life) for director Karim Makram as well as “Sehr el-Kotob” (Magic of books) for director Aladdin Mostafa and “Hata taktamel el sora” (Until the picture completes) for May el-Maraashly screened.

Furthermore, “El Tagreba Asif” for director Alaa Khaled also screened, along with “Janoubia” for director Sarah Emad, “El Wagh el Akhar” (The other face) for director Sherine Afya and “Hayth Taeesh el Ashyaa el Gameha” for director Hossam Shaker.
After the screenings, a seminar was held by film critic Islam Ahmed Ali to discuss the films with the directors and the public.

It is noteworthy that the forum offers 23 films between short documentaries and short novels.

The jury of the third edition of the forum consists of Salwa Mohammed Ali, director Mahmoud Suleiman, Walid Seif and is artistically supervised by Safaa Mourad. The activities will be held every day until Tuesday, May 28 at the Hanager Center for Arts, at 9 p.m.




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