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Yassin al-Tohamy to perform in Cairo Opera House on May 25

Thu, May. 23, 2019
CAIRO - 23 May 2019: Sheikh Yassin al-Tohamy is set to perform a Sufi concert in the Open Theater of the Cairo Opera House at 9:30 p.m. on May 25, where he will present a selection of the most famous praise and religious songs.

Through his religious recitals, Tohamy managed to sustain a wide fan base throughout the Arab and Islamic worlds.

Tohamy expressed his happiness to participate in the Ramadan opera nights, stressing that the religious songs have recently become very popular among fans. Tohamy stated that the Sufi and religious recitals are also witnessing an unprecedented development especially in light of the unique collections of Sufi works and poems.

YASSIN EL TOHAMY @ El Hussein - 13-3-2013 - 8 - ياسين التهامى @ مولد الحسين

YASSIN EL TOHAMY - 8 @ Mouled El Hussein, Hussein Mosque, El Hussein, Cairo, Egypt ياسين التهامى - 8 @ مولد سيدنا الحسين, جامع الحسين, الحسين, القاهرة, مصر قصيدة قصرت عليك العمر ثم انشد بغدها قصيدة فلك سما 13-3-2013 Yassin El Tohamy:

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