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Arab Music Institute presents unique songs from int'l cinema

Wed, May. 22, 2019
CAIRO - 22 May 2019: The Cairo Opera Orchestra, under the supervision of Iman Mostafa, will perform two consecutive concerts on May 24, 25 accompanied by pianist Maya Gefinaria. The concerts will be directed by Hisham el-Tali.

The concerts begin at 8 p.m. and will be held on the theater of the Arab Music Institute. The program includes a selection of the most famous musical compositions of international films, including “Nahr el-Qamar” (Moon river), “Shorouk wa Ghoroub” (Sunrise and Sunset), “Alaf el-Senin” (Thousands of years), “Endama Waqa’at fel Hob” (When I fell in love), “Ash’or Begamali” (I feel my beauty), “Ahebak Daeman” (I will always love you), among others.

The compositions will be performed by Ezzat Ghanem, Hisham el-Gendy, Hamami Amin, Ibrahim Nagy, Nisreen Roshdy, Ibrahim el-Din, Osama Ali, Laila Ibrahim, Iman Mostafa, Reda el- Wakil, Tahia Shams el-Din, among others.

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