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'Abou Gabal' 15th episode: Hassan locates Ersa

Tue, May. 21, 2019
CAIRO - 21 May 2019: Events continue to escalate as Mostafa Shaaban continues his journey in search for the mastermind behind the arson and burglary of his house in the series “Abou Gabal”.

Hassan Abu Jabal -Mostafa Shaaban- discovers a new thread that leads him to doubt Ersa, one of the workers in his cousin Ahmed Habashi's workshop.

While policemen fail to locate Ersa, Mostafa Shaaban succeeds with the help of the leader of his neighborhood.

All fingers started pointing at Ersa after Mostafa Shaaban remembered that he gave Ersa his car keys to park his car.

In the same episode, Hassan Ali giveshis brothers their share from the company's profit and Saad decides to ignore his wife Ruby after he gets his money.

Saad and Rizk decide to start a company and ask Intesar to join them. She agrees on one condition, not to touch the share of her late husband Ghaly.

“Abou Gabal” is starring Mostafa Shaaban, Naglaa Badr, Mohamed Diab, Mohamed Ali Rizk and Aisha ben Ahmed and is written by Mohamed Sayed Bashir. The screenplay is directed by Ahmed Saleh and is the production of Synergy.
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