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Dina el-Wedidi to perform in Cairo Opera House on May 21

Mon, May. 20, 2019
CAIRO - 20 May 2019: Popular singer Dina el-Wedidi will perform a concert at Cairo Opera House on Tuesday, March 21 in the Open Theater. The concert comes as part of Ramadan cultural nights held throughout the holy month.

Wedidi will perform a blend of music that mixes traditional and heritage tunes such as “Sera el-Helaliya” with folklore singing and contemporary music.

Dina el-Wedidi is a young singer who performs in a distinguishable way. She had her singing debut in 2008 with "Warsha” band (Workshop). The rising singer founded her own band in 2011.

Wedidi presented several performances with a group of distinguished musicians including Fathy Salama, Masar Egbar (Forced way) band, Hany Adel and others.

The singer held several concerts in various cultural places in Egypt and succeeded in achieving a fan base that appreciates the genre of music she offers.

Wedidi is also a guitarist, daf player, actress, composer and a storyteller.
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