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Selim el-Ansari saves Arab petroleum ministers from assassination

Mon, May. 20, 2019
CAIRO - 20 May 2019: The 14th episode of the popular Ramadan series "Kalabsh PIII" (Handcuffs) started with what appeared as a meeting of Arab petroleum ministers in a hotel in Cairo, where the hotel was intensively secured.

However, six young Mujaheddin were able to enter the hotel in a sporty outfit acting like they want to use the hotel's swimming pool and gym. In fact, the men were affiliated to one of the terrorist organizations that planned the assassination of the Arab ministers.

The terrorist group also planned to record a video and broadcast it on the internet. The video would require each Arab minister to give a word about dispersing gas turbines in order to protect corrupt regimes.

Selim el-Ansari (Amir Karara) sensed danger and told Sameeh (Mohamed Ali Rizk) to keep an eye on those men- the mujahedeen. As Sameeh watched the group of men he saw them enter a room in the hotel’s ground floor. Ansari rushed into the room finding them getting ready to blow up the hotel. He killed them all on the spot.

During the course of the episode, two young mujaheddin infiltrated the meeting hall from a secret corridor. They were able to enter the meeting hall where the ministers convened and terrorized them. One of the terrorists wore an explosive belt and threatened to blow up the place if security forces entered. The two terrorists demanded the release of other terrorists held in the Egyptian prisons and made a list with their names.

Salim el-Ansari, Major General Galal Khattab and Abdullah - the Kuwaiti star Mohammed al-Haddad- discussed the matter together and decided to reach the terrorists and enter the meeting room through the same corridor the terrorists used. Selim el-Ansari and his colleagues managed to carry out the risky plan and managed to shoot the terrorists dead.

"Kalabsh P III" (Handcuffs P III) is written by Baher Deweidar and directed by Peter Mimi. It is the production of Synergy. The series is broadcast on ON E during the month of Ramadan. The series is starring Amir Karara, Ahmed Abdel Aziz, Hisham Selim, Yousra el-Lozy, Hala Fakher, Ahmed el-Awady, Omar el-Shenawy, Islam Gamal, Amira el-Aidi, Ahmed Imam, Mohamed Ali Rizk, among others.

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