Asala Nasri celebrates her birthday on May 15



Wed, 15 May 2019 - 02:20 GMT


Wed, 15 May 2019 - 02:20 GMT

FILE - Asala Nasri

FILE - Asala Nasri

CAIRO - 15 May 2019: Prominent singer Asala celebrates her birthday on May 15. The famed singer managed to become one of the most popular singers in the Arab world thanks to her talent and sound choices.

Many consider Asala the voice that expresses the feelings of strong women. The songs she performs emphasize the strength of her character.

Egypt Today sheds light on a few of Asala’s songs:

"Thak El Ghaby"

Asala sang this song in the Arabian Gulf dialect; the song was released in 2016 and amassed 63 million views on YouTube.

Assala - Thak El Ghaby | أصالة - ذاك الغبي

Assala - Thak El Ghaby | أصالة - ذاك الغبي كلمات : تركي ألحان : طارق محمد توزيع : ياسر ماجد Mix & Mastering : Jassem Mohammed جيتار : شريف فهمي كلارنيت : محمد فوزي بزق : أسامه حسن وتريات : ياسر ماجد تنفيذ وتريات : ياسر غنيم تسجيل : م.

"Mabaash Ana"

This is one of Asala's most important songs written by poet Magdi el-Naggar and composed by Mohammed Diaa.

أصاله - مبقاش انا HD

Uploaded by Mohamed AbuKlila on 2011-04-15.

"El Haqiqa"

“You are weaker than my words; you wouldn't stand the truth." With such lyrics, Asala showed the strength of women. The song gained booming success.

Assala | El HAQIQA [Lyric Video] أصالة | الحقيقة

‏Assala - EL HAQIQA [Lyric Video] | أصالة - الحقيقة إنتاج : تركي آل الشيخ ‏كلمات : بهاء الدين محمد ‏الحان : وليد سعد ‏توزيع : Ismail Tunçbilek ‏وتريات : هاني فرحات ‏هندسة صوت : Ümit Yücekaya ‏مكس / ماستر : طارق مدكور توزيع : روتانا Photography : Mohammed Vivid

"Bent Akaber"

Assala - Bent Akaber [Official Music Video] | أصالة - بنت أكابر

Assala - Bent Akaber [Official Music Video] | #أصالة - بنت أكابر #BentAkaber - #بنت_أكابر From STARGATE - Tarek Al Arian Executive Producer: Anas Nasri Lyrics: Abo Neamaa Composed by: Mahmoud El Khayamy Music Arrangement: Aly Fathalla Mixing & Digital Master: Aly Fathalla Recorded by: karim Youssef Mezmar: Sayed El

This is the prominent singer's most recent song. The song's special lyrics and the positive vibes it spreads make up for its long duration.



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