What happened in 6th episode of 'Hogan'?


Sun, 12 May 2019 - 02:30 GMT

File-Hogan poster.

File-Hogan poster.

CAIRO - 12 May 2019: The sixth episode of the series “Hogan” witnessed the death of Kawthar -Inaam Salousa- by Bahloul-Salah Abdullah. Kawthar died after Bahloul threatened her with a knife to tell him the whereabouts of his wife Warda.

Hogan -Mohamed Imam- entered Kawthar’s house to find her dead in the crime scene. Warda enters the house shortly after Hogan’s arrival, thinking that he is the murderer. This drove Hogan to flee. During his escape, one of the men working for Ramadan shoots and injures him in his shoulder. This forces Hogan to head to Nouga’s house to help him treat the bullet wound.

“Hogan” starring Mohamed Imam is broadcast on Al Hayat TV at 10:30 p.m. during the holy month of Ramadan."Hogan" is a social/action series that revolves around a tough young man that comes from a shabby neighborhood, gifted with numerous talents and skills. Hogan is able to chew glass and pull a car using his teeth.

The series is starring Kareem Mahmoud Abdul Aziz, Salah Abdullah, Riad el-Khouli, Aida Riad, Mirna Nour el-Din, Arafa Abdul Rasool, Asma Abu Al Yazid, Hajar Ahmed and Os Os. The series is written by Salah el-Azzab, directed by Sherine Adel and is the production of Synergy.



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