Aida el-Ayoubi to perform in Cairo Opera House May 18



Mon, 06 May 2019 - 01:26 GMT


Mon, 06 May 2019 - 01:26 GMT

FILE - Aida el Ayoubi

FILE - Aida el Ayoubi

CAIRO – 6 May 2019: Prominent singer Aida el-Ayoubi will perform a concert at Cairo Opera House on May 18 where she is scheduled to present to her audience a number of her most popular songs.

It is worth mentioning that Ayoubi has collaborated with many singers and poets throughout her artistic career, including late Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish, composer Marcel Khalife, singer Hisham Abbas, composer Salah el Sharnoubi, among others.

Ayoubi was also known for performing religious songs such as "Fe Eshkellah" (In the love of God) and numerous other Sufi recitals.

Ayoubi is an Egyptian singer, songwriter and guitarist. She also has German roots. She graduated from the American University in Cairo in the mid-1980s and gained fame in the early 1990s in Egypt and the Middle East.

Ayoubi is a graduate of Deutsche Evangelische Oberschule in Cairo and the American University in Cairo where she majored in computer science.

She launched three albums before going into a career hiatus after having her first-born child. She is well known in Egypt and many other Arab countries for her romantic music and her soft voice. She is best known for her hit song "A'ala Baly" which appeared on her first album. Aida's heartfelt lyrics and beautiful, soothing voice were the keys to her success.

After more than ten years in retirement, Ayoubi produced a new three-track album, "Tawasul wa Ragaa’ bi Jah Sidna". The album is entirely religion-themed.

In 2011, Ayoubi released a single called "Bahebek Ya Balady" (I love you my country) after the Egyptian revolution & "Yal Midan" featuring Cairokee band which is also about the 2011 Egyptian revolution. She took part in another duet with Cairokee, producing the soundtrack to the 2013 media campaign launched by Coca-Cola.



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