File- Maged el-Kedwany and Hanan Metaweh. File- Maged el-Kedwany and Hanan Metaweh.

Kedwany, Metawe to present 'Hakawy Dr. Nafsawy' on Radio 9090

Sun, May. 5, 2019
CAIRO - 5 May 2019: Stars Maged el-Kedwany and Hanan Metaweh will participate in a radio series entitled “Hakawy Dr. Nafsawy” (Stories of a psychiatric) which is set to be broadcast on Radio 9090 during the holy month of Ramadan.

The radio series will be co-starring Ragaa el-Gedawy, Ashraf Zaki and Ayman Azab. The series is written by members of the writing workshop "Radio One" including Islam Shelbaya, Ahmed Magdy, Mustafa Noman, Mostafa Ahmed, Ahmed Mustafa. "Hakawy Dr. Nafsawy" is directed by Hisham Bilal. Kedwany embodies the character of a psychologist who treats patients in a strange way by telling them stories. Metawe plays the role of a nurse in Kedwany’s clinic. Both stars also sing the theme song of the radio series. The song is written by Samar Hussein Adam and composed by Mohammed Rageh.

It is worth mentioning that Metawe also plays the role of a drug dealer’s wife in the Ramadan television series “Lams Aktaf” starring Yasser Galal.

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