Hisham Abbas rocks in his latest concert celebrating Sham el Nessim


Tue, 30 Apr 2019 - 03:45 GMT

File-Hisham Abbas

File-Hisham Abbas

CAIRO - April 30 2019: Singer Hisham Abbas performed a concert on Monday, April 29 celebrating Sham el-Nessim in one of the clubs of New Cairo, in the presence of a large number of audience.

This is the first concert for Abbas after the death of his mother. The popular singer performed a selection of his most popular songs during the concert, including “Habibi da” (She’s my lover), “Feeno?” (Where is she?), “Yetraba fe ezzo”, “Ana amel eih?” (What should I do?), “Qool alaya magnon” (Call me crazy), “Halet Hob” (A state of love), among others.

With that concert, Abbas ended the state of mourning for his mother, who died Sunday April 21, while receiving condolences on Tuesday, April 23 at the Rahman Rahim Mosque in Heliopolis, in the presence of notable group of actors and singers.



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