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Arab League to celebrate World Intellectual Property Day on Apr. 23

Mon, Apr. 22, 2019
CAIRO - 22 April 2019: The Arab League will celebrate the World Intellectual Property Day on Tuesday, April 23 under the title "For gold we seek: intellectual property and sport".

Director of Intellectual Property and Competitiveness Department at the Arab League Maha Bakhit said in an official statement on April 22 that the observance of World Intellectual Property Day is a platform for discussion on the subject of intellectual property rights and their importance in supporting sports and sports institutions. This is in addition to raising awareness about the protection of propertyrights, the commercial fraud of sports products and ways to benefit from trademark registration systems and industrial designs to protect the products.

Bakhit added that sport plays a major role in increasing income sources and is a global economic, industrial and investment source in almost all countries around the world through investment in facilities (sports venues and broadcast networks).

Therefore, adequate knowledge about intellectual property rights is a key factor for these organizations to make profit and promote the development of equipment and tools that help improve athletic performance and growth of the sports industry.

The ceremony was attended by government officials of intellectual property offices in Arab countries and a number of athletes, jurists, researchers and innovators , in addition to representatives of a number of specialized Arab federations and organizations.
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