Wael Kafoury Shines in his first London performance


Fri, 19 Apr 2019 - 08:47 GMT

File-Wael Kafoury

File-Wael Kafoury

CAIRO - 19 April 2019: Wael Kafoury's UK fans were treated to a night of magic at the prestigious the London Palladium theatre, for his first ever performance in Great Britain, and Egypt Today were there to cover the much awaited night.

On the anniversary of the start of Lebanon's civil war in 1975 Wael Kafoury performed in London on Saturday, 13th April giving a clear sign of defiance to anything negative that may come with such an anniversary and instead spreading the message of love, peace and unity through his music.

Dressed elegantly in black suit Kafoury dazzled the audience with his presence, nicknamed the 'king of romance' by his fans Kafoury proved to be worthy of such title in every aspect of his performance, with some fans commenting on social media that 'even the way he stands is like a king' Singing a mixture of old and new tracks, Kafoury made sure that the audience were highly satisfied and as a special treat he gave his first live performance of his latest and newest single 'Awlad Al Haram' in a manner nothing short of spectacular.

Although the ticket prices were fairly expensive by London's ticket standard, ranging from £110-240 ($160-300) this did not deter his devoted fans from almost filling up the 2286 seat theatre, travelling from all across the UK people have come from near and far to see their favourite star. Egypt Today spoke to a group of girls who had come all the way from Manchester just to fulfil their dream of seeing Kafoury live.

And the audience were actually a big mix of nationalities with various age group; elderly, middle aged, youth and teenagers proving that Kafoury over the years has matured his music to serve all ages and gender, unlike when he first started his singing career; the majority of his fans back then were teenage girls.

The night proved a huge success as 'Wael' name was sang loudly by the audience who also joined Kafoury in every song he performed regardless if it was from 20 years ago or few months. The only negative aspect of the concert was the fact that Kafoury only performed for 90 minutes and the audience were led to believe he would be singing for two hours and some fans were confused when Kafoury thanked them for coming and wished them a safe journey back, as they thought he was just taking a short break rather than leaving.

Kafoury arrived in London on Friday 12th April accompanied by the Lebanese TV presenter Carla Hadad who introduced Kafoury to his audience on the night of the concert. Hadad is said to be also a close friend of Kafoury, they were joined by a group of Kafoury's team. Yet a video that Kafoury posted on instagram caused controversy and set the rumour mill going as the footage showed him walking through the streets of London with a blond female. Some media outlets claimed this was his wife while others pointed out that he has in fact separated from his wife, so could this woman be the new lady in Kafoury's life or is she merely a friend or his assistant? Either way it seems from his instagram post that Kafoury thoroughly enjoyed his trip to London as he posted a video of him walking through the classy park of Holland Park near Kensington High Street and admiring a group of pigeons. And in another photo he is seen having brunch at a famous Lebanese restaurant.

The huge success of Kafoury trip to London and his concert indicates that a repeat of such event is guaranteed with the organisers already promising on their social media pages to bring Kafoury back to the UK capital.



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