Ali el-Haggar to celebrate his 65th birthday on April 18 Ali el-Haggar to celebrate his 65th birthday on April 18

Ali el-Haggar to celebrate his 65th birthday on April 18

Wed, Apr. 17, 2019
CAIRO - 17 April 2019: Iconic Egyptian singer Ali el-Haggar is set to celebrate his 65th birthday in one of the major hotels in Cairo on April 19 in the presence of a largenumber of celebrities and public figures.

Haggar recently launched the song "Laih el Tareeq" (Why the path?) onhis official channel on YouTube. The song is written by Michael Adel and composed by Shadi Moines. The video has amassed a high number of views since its upload.

The iconic singer recently released an album entitled "Ma TakhdyBalek” (Pay attention) whichincluded the songs “GowaHodny” (Within my arms), “MeenFeena mesh Mehtag?” (Who is not needy?), “Dari Gamalek” (Hide your beauty), among others.

The album achieved great success.

Throughout his career,Haggar performed a number of duets with prominent singers such as "Beladi" and "Khan el-Anadeel"with Mohammed el-Helw,"El-Likaa El-Tany" and "El-Mal we El-Banoon" with HananMady and "Bent we Walad" with Hoda Ammar.

He also participated with Angham in the musical "Rosasa Fel Qalb"(A bullet in the heart), another important phase in Haggar' scareer was his first collaboration with his brother,composer and singer Ahmed el-Haggarin 1978 when Ahmed el-Haggar composed his brother’s hit "Ozoriny" (Excuse me).

The success that this song achieved sparked Haggar's singing career. The Haggar brothers cooperated in many other songs; Ahmed el-Haggar as composer and Ali el-Haggar as lyricist.

Among these songs are: "Bahebek" (I love you), "Ana Biki Ya Samra Akon", "El-Ahlam", "Kont Faker", "Tesaaliny", "Lama el-Shetayedo’oel-Biban", "Ma Tekdebish", "Ergaaily" (Come back), "Lessa El-Kalam", and recently "YaMasria".
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