Mahmoud el-Gendi passes away on April 11



Thu, 11 Apr 2019 - 04:04 GMT


Thu, 11 Apr 2019 - 04:04 GMT

FILE - Late actor Mahmoud el-Gendi

FILE - Late actor Mahmoud el-Gendi

CAIRO - 11 April 2019: Prominent artist Mahmoud el-Gendi passed away in the early hours of April 11 at the age of 74.

Gendi’s enriching TV and cinema roles will immortally live in the minds and hearts of his fans and in the history of the Egyptian cinema and TV.

Gendy was born on February 24, 1945 in Abul Matamir, Beheira Governorate. The late actor worked in a factory and then completed his studies at the Higher Institute of Cinema in 1967. He served in the Egyptian Military for seven years, during which he participated in the 1973 war in the Egyptian Air Force.

In 2017,Gendi decided to quit working in drama as he felt the producers where ignoring him and not offering him the roles that suit his status as an actor.
Gendi 1
Throughout his career, Gendi never performed a leading role but he performed significant roles with iconic Egyptian actors and actresses. His most significant role according to critics was Am Salama el-Tafshan in the movie "Shams el Zanaty" starring Adel Imam.

Mahmoud el-Gendi’s most importantroles in cinema include those in “Horoob Eterary” (Forced Escape), “Yom Helww Yom Mor” (Good and bad days), “Uncle Zizo Habiby”, “El-Kerd Beyetkalem” (The monkey is talking), among others.
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The most significant television series he participated in were “El Khawaga Abdel Kader”, “El-Ab el-Rouhy” (The Godfather), “Thel el-Raes” (The Shadow of the president), “Zezenya”, among others.

His most significant theatrical roles include those in the plays “Eli Banamasr”, “Balad el-Sultan” (the sultan’s nation), among others.
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It is worth noting that Mahmoud el-Gendi is the father of director Ahmed el-Gendi.

Gendi was not very fortunate with marriage. He married four times. His last marriage was to Hayam, daughter of actor Gamal Ismail.

Farewell Mahmoud el-Gendy.

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