Somaya el-Khashab honored in KSA on April 6


Sun, 07 Apr 2019 - 04:20 GMT

FILE - Somaya el-Khashab during her honoring

FILE - Somaya el-Khashab during her honoring

CAIRO - 7 April 2019: Famed Egyptian actress/singer Somaya el-Khashab was honored on April 6 by the Egyptians in love with the Gulf Association in Riyadh for her latest song “Btstaawa” where she tackled violence against women.

Somaya appeared in the honoring ceremony with a magnificent black and gold outfit. She thanked President of the association Adel Hanafi for the warm welcome and for choosing her to be a member of the association and the head of the arts and culture committee.

Moreover, the famed actress received another honoring on the same day from Chairman of the Board of Directors of Saudi Producers and Distributors Mohammed al-Ghamdi where she received a shield in the form of the seal of Prophet of Mohammed.

“Btstaawa” amassed almost 3 million views on YouTube and was released in conjunction with the International Women’s Day. The Egyptian star aimed to illustrate the escalating violence against women and combat it through the video clip.

Somaya ElKhashab - Btstqwa | 2019 | سمية الخشاب - بتستقوى

اشترك في قناة سمية الخشاب الرسمية سمية الخشاب - بتستقوى | 2019 Somaya ElKhashab - Btstqwa | 2019 الحان وغناء سمية الخشاب اخراج جميل جميل المغازي كلمات هشام صادق توزيع موسيقي محمد عباس مهندس صوت عمار خاطر توزيع ديجيتال شركة قنوات الكلمات بتستقوي بتيجي عليها و تهينها و مبسوط انك الاقوي بتستقوي بتكسر بالجحود عينها و مافيش لا شهامه ولا تقوي و ماليها جروح ..



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