Historic Cairo development project to promote 1204 archaeological sites



Sat, 06 Apr 2019 - 11:18 GMT


Sat, 06 Apr 2019 - 11:18 GMT

FILE: Part of historic Cairo

FILE: Part of historic Cairo

CAIRO – 6 April 2019: An urban development plan for Historic Cairo aims at boosting tourism and reviving the rich spirit of one of the world's oldest Islamic cities.

Sponsored by the ministry of Antiquities, the plan is based on a detailed study of tourist destinations in Historic Cairo in order to include them in future tourism programs.

General Supervisor of the Historic Cairo Development Project Mohamed Abdel Aziz told Egypt Today in an interview that around 602 tourist attractions would benefit from the new study and development plan.

He also added that the study contributes to originating new tourism marketing ideas to promote the tourism sector and relocate Egypt to its “proper stature” worldwide.

Abdel Aziz further added that the program also focuses on benefiting from the existing old trades, skills, crafts and industries, which span back to over 100 years, and still exist.

Abdel Aziz stressed that attracting tourism to Historic Cairo remains one of the most important objectives of the Urban Rehabilitation Project for Cairo.

Attracting visitors, according to him, will be through the achievement of a diversity of touristic products and taking advantage of the efforts undertaken by the Ministry of Tourism and Tourism Development Authority in the past; taking into account the requirements of different tourists from different backgrounds.

Moreover, Abdel Aziz stressed that Historic Cairo represents a real treasure for all Egyptiansm and should be utlizied for the benefit of the current and future generations, which have the right to enjoy the pride in their country’s architectural heritage and rich culture.



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