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Flamenco dancer Ursula Lopez to perform in Cairo Opera House April 4, 5

Wed, Apr. 3, 2019
CAIRO - 3 April 2019: The Egyptian Opera House, headed by Magdy Saber, will host two concerts featuring Spanish flamenco dancer Ursula Lopez and her band on April 4-5 at 8 pm on the Grand Theater.

The concerts offer a show illustrating the art of flamenco with its main elements of singing, dancing, guitar playing, as well as the art of clapping; where the singer's feelings are translated into physical movements to the rhythms of the guitar.

Flamenco, in its strictest sense, is a professionalized art form based on the various folkloric music traditions of Southern Spain in the autonomous communities of Andalusia, Extremadura and Murcia.

In a wider sense, it refers to these musical traditions and more modern musical styles, which have themselves been deeply influenced by and become blurred with the development of flamenco over the past two centuries.

It includes cante (singing), toque (guitar playing), baile (dance), jaleo (vocalizations), palmas (hand clapping) and pitos (finger snapping).

The oldest record of flamenco dates back to 1774 in the book Las Cartas Marruecas by José Cadalso.

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