FILE - The Bronze Roman-Era Coins FILE - The Bronze Roman-Era Coins

Egyptian Museum in Tahrir presents distinguished Roman-era antiquities

Tue, Apr. 2, 2019
CAIRO - 2 April 2019: The Egyptian Museum in Tahrir presents this week a round bottle made of marble and four bronze coins dating back to the Roman era. The Egyptian Museum presents the Roman era antiquities as part of its weekly tradition of highlighting distinguished pieces of antiques, spanning back to various civilizations.

Director of the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Sabah Abdel Razek, said that the Roman pieces will be displayed for the first time; as they were stored in the museum's store rooms. The marble bottle was one of the antiquities found in the Montazah Palace in Alexandria.

The remarkable Roman-era bottle made of marble

The marble bottle is characterized by its exquisite artistic style; with two handles decorated with two lion heads. On both sides, there are two medallion-like designs portraying Emperor Trajan on the right, while the left side displays a half-portrait of Emperor Hadrian. On both medals, there is what appears as golden remains.

Furthermore, the four coins are made of bronze, two of which depict Emperor Trajan and two depicting Emperor Hadrian; both wearing the laurel garland and military gears.

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