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Majed al-Muhandes to perform in Dubai on April 5

Sun, Mar. 31, 2019
CAIRO - 31 March 2019: Iconic Iraqi singer Majid al-Muhandes will perform a concert in Dubai, UAE, on April 5 where he will present a number of his popular songs.

Muhandes and famed lebanese singer Najwa Karam participated in a concert in Saudi Arabia on March 26 as part of the events of the "Saudi Concerts in Sharqia".

Majid al-Muhandis is an Iraqi singer and composer. His success in the Arab world has earned him the titles of “the Engineer of the Arabic song”, and the “Voice of Diamond”.

The Iraqi singer/composer was born on October 25, 1971 in Baghdad, Iraq. He studied engineering in Baghdad; hence the nickname Majid "Al-Muhandis" which means "the engineer" in Arabic.

He was raised in a large Muslim family. Upon finishing his university studies, he had a growing passion for arts. Despite his family's opposition and anger, he went on to take his love for music to the next level and studied arts.

In his beginnings, Muhandes worked as a tailor for several years and bought himself his first 'oud.

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