Is this the end for Saad and Khashab?



Thu, 28 Mar 2019 - 05:44 GMT


Thu, 28 Mar 2019 - 05:44 GMT

Somyea El Khashab and Ahmed Saad

Somyea El Khashab and Ahmed Saad

CAIRO - 28 March 2019: The world of social media woke up this morning to Ahmed Saad's announcement on instagram that he has split up from the Egyptian actress turned singer Somyea El Khashab.

The post was brief and concise as Saad wrote “I have decided to split up from the actress Somyea El Khashab, I wish her happiness and success and I hope that God enables me to give my love and attention to the most precious thing to children”.

The post was put under a photo of him with his children in a pose that can best be described as a defiant stand, which does seem odd as the announcement is about an impending divorce that does not involve the children, this forces the question as to why this particular photo? Are the children the cause of this break up? Certainly it can be the case as indicated by Saad post.

The post attracted more than 23K likes with comments ranging from mockery to abuse to people congratulating Saad on his decision, but that is the norm for Saad's instagram page and if you have been following Saad on social media during the past few years then you will know that any post or song that Saad publish on his social media, people automatically start abusing him and El Khashab and bringing up Saad's ex the Egyptian actress Reem El Baroudy as the victim of the couple's betrayal.

So why is this attack and self involvement of social media followers in what is essentially a very private and personal issue?

Ahmed Saad is an exceptional voice, a singer that no one can dispute his ability and uniqueness in choosing songs that reach the masses and touches the inner soul of the average listener but unfortunately all of this has been over shadowed by his personal life and the women in it.

His on and off relationship with El Baroudy kept the general public on edge as they kept guessing will they or won't they be married, almost like a drama series on TV that you follow to see if the characters will make it through or not.

Saad and El Baroudy put their relationship on TV and social media from when they first got together and well beyond their break up, which almost made their relationship 'public property' and in the eyes of many they were well suited couple that had a chemistry which was reflected in the interviews they gave together, and had a realistic element to it.

Although El Baroudy was not the first woman in Saad's life as he was previously married with two children but people were not as judgemental or cruel to El Baroudy as they were to El Khashab, and that is probably due to the fact that the general public invested in Saad and El Baroudy relationship far more than other relationships of Saad.

Apart from living the ups and down’s of what at best can be described as stormy love between Saad and EL Baroudy but the end seem to have struck a cord with many and not just female followers but males too.

In her controversial TV appearances El Baroudy announced that El Khashab and Saad betrayed her and were already married, something they both denied and later on El Baroudy revealed that Saad still contacts her and sent her a whatsapp message which resulted in the break up of an impending engagement she was about to commit to, even though Saad was supposedly happily married to El Khashab.

Regardless if this is true or not but such statements could not have helped what is seen as a fragile marriage between Saad and EL Khashab.

Up to this point Saad has not deleted any of his instagram photos that include El Khashab, unlike previously where he deleted all the posts that relates to El Baroudy after their break up.

In fact he created a new instagram account when he married El Khashab in 2017.
El Khashab appeared on TV five days ago on Radwa Al Sherbiny's program 'Heya Wa Bas' to discuss her newly released song about domestic violence against women.

She did not mention Saad at all but avid fans interpreted some of her comments as an indication that things are not right and troubles are hidden under the surface. When Al Sherbiny asked El Khashab what are the three traits in men that she can't cope with, El Khashab replied, if he is abusive, an adulterer or an addict to drugs; two of which have been rumoured around Saad.

As in previous interviews El Baroudy had suggested that Saad 'had serious but personal issue which prevented them from making their marriage public' many took that statement as Saad having drug problem which has never been confirmed or denied.

After less than two years – their wedding was staged live on the 20th of October 2017 for people to see (exactly 2 weeks after El Baroudy ‘s birthday) – Saad and El Khashab's marriage seem to have come to its end, unless they change their mind . Something that Saad is notorious for, as during his relationship with El Baroudy he would post regularly that they broke up only to announce their return to each other after few days. So we need to wait and see if this is truly the end for Saad and El Khashab's marriage



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