Video: Korean band B.I.G performs '3 Daqat'



Wed, 20 Mar 2019 - 11:26 GMT


Wed, 20 Mar 2019 - 11:26 GMT

FILE - B.I.G Korean band

FILE - B.I.G Korean band

CAIRO - 19 March 2019: The Korean band B.I.G featuring Soya performed the song "3 Daqat” (3 Minutes) for Egyptian singer Abu and Egyptian actress Yousra. The band uploaded their performance of the song on their official YouTube channel on March 14, surprising their fans.

The video shows the band members shaking their heads in a comical manner to the rhythm of the song before they begin to sing.

The YouTube video uploaded by B.I.G marks the launch of the band’s global project to perform songs from different parts of the world, according to their official account on Instagram.

The video amassed 500,000 views since its upload and received numerous positive reactions from Arab fans who praised the performance of the singers.

The band's care for their fans in the Arab world is reflected in their performance of Arabic songs as well as in their efforts to learn the Arabic language. In Jan. 2019, the band published pictures of its members carrying papers with their names written in Arabic.

The band commented to Arab followers: “Salam Alaikum. Today we enjoyed studying Arabic a lot. To all the Arab fans, we love you so much.”

B.I.G performing 3 Daqat

B.I.G-3 Daqat feat. SOYA (Abu COVER) ثلاث دقات

3 Daqat covered by B.I.G (Original song) Abu-3 Daqat Produced By Ahmed Mohamed Hanafy Hello BIGinning in the world! Here is the 2nd Arabic cover song called "3 DAQAT". The Global Cover Project has just begun! And WATZ NEXT!!! B.I.G 팬카페 : B.I.G 인스타그램 :



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