Madar, Arteology exhibit exclusive paintings of George Bahgoury



Sun, 17 Mar 2019 - 11:45 GMT


Sun, 17 Mar 2019 - 11:45 GMT

Bahgoury with part of the attendees – Mustafa Marie

Bahgoury with part of the attendees – Mustafa Marie

CAIRO - 17March 2019: Katameya Heights Business Centre hosted an exclusive art gallery which came as the result of the cooperation between Madar and Arteology Egypt. The art exhibition was held on March 16 from 1-5 pm.

The exhibition exclusively presented paintings of Egypt’s prominent fine artist and sculptor George Bahgoury.

The artistic ceremony was attended by numerous individuals who enjoyed analyzing the astounding paintings to the sound of saxophone which added bliss to the event.

The sounds of the saxophone added bliss to the event-Mustafa Marie

The attendees stood startled as they viewed Bahgoury’s extraordinary paintings.

“All my paintings are special to my heart. Each one of my paintings represents an incident or a special memory. It does not take long for me to finish my drawings; as soon as I feel like drawing, I draw, it is as simple as that,” Bahgoury told Egypt Today.

The veteran artist relaxed on a couch, drawing cartoonish portrays of fans and family members surrounding him.

bahgoury with mostafa
Bahgoury with ET reporter

Several prominent figures ofthe Egyptian artistic scene attended the event such as Samir Fouad and Mustafa Rahma.

samir fouad
Artist Samir Fouad-Mustafa Marie

“In Egypt, there are a lot of people passionate about fine arts; this is obvious with the amount of people who showed up today. There is no doubt that Bahgoury is one of the most significant names in the Egyptian fine art history and displaying his (Bahgoury’s) paintings in today’s exhibition can easily guarantee its success,” fine artist Samir Fouad told Egypt Today.

mustafa rahma
Artist Mustafa Rahma-Mustafa Marie

In the same context, fine artist Mustafa Rahma declared to Egypt Today, “I am extremely happy to be among the attendees who had the chance to watch the paintings of veteran fine artist Bahgoury for the first time. I did not expect this enormous amount of people to attend the ceremony, which makes me pleased as a fine artist to see so many people interested in arts in our community. I wish there would be more of such events in the near future.”

hany ramzy
Famed comedian Hany Ramzi-Mustafa Marie

“I am very happy to be here today. I am a big fan of Bahgoury and I am lucky to be able to see a selection of his paintings that were not displayed in the past. He is an incredible artist and this event is a reflection of how classy and prestigious his paintings are,” famed comedian Hany Ramzy commented to Egypt Today.

Representatives of Arteology Happy Shohdy and Zeina Saiedi were among the attendees.

Arteology Representative Happy Shohdy-Mustafa Marie

“Arteology is an art platform for contemporary Egyptian artists. We connect our artists to the world of collectors, professional dealers, and art lovers. Our online art gallery focuses on one special artist per month exposing his or her art work globally through our online platform, digital marketing, and PR. We expose the artwork and service its owning process in full. Some of the art works we proudly display today are exclusive to our event, as well as numerous art collections that were previously displayed in museums in Paris. Arteology is the first online artistic database in Egypt.We hope that collectors get more engaged with the online concept,” explained Shohdy to Egypt Today.

Lobna Farid, CEO of Madar, explained to Egypt Today that the art of furniture designing and contemporary arts are integrated for the first time in Egypt through Bahgoury’s art exhibition. “We (Madar) proudly announce organizing such an event for the first time in Egypt, where the lovers of exotic furniture designing and contemporary arts come hand in hand,” stated Farid.

“Furniture designing is an art of its own. When an incredibly designed piece of furniture is placed within the vicinity of a remarkable painting, the scenery becomes fabulous. This is why Madar Furniture organized this spectacular event, which unites art and furniture lovers to socialize and exchange artistic visions,” continued Farid.

It is worth noting that Madar boasts its affiliation with world famous residential and corporate designers such as Fendi, Minotti, Rubelli, Bises, Pozzoli, Driade, Sacho, Axia, Zen, Kelly Hoppen, Luminara and Boffi.

Madar transcends the limitations of its capability to tailor products to demands, while maintaining the exclusive style, quality and functionality of designers’ home signatures.

George Abdel Masih al-Bahgoury is an Egyptian-French artist. An accomplished painter and sculptor, he is most famous as a caricaturist and political cartoonist.

Bahgoury was born in 1932 into a Coptic Christian family in Bahgora, a small village in Nag Hammadi, Upper Egypt; hence the name of his family, ‘Bahgoury’.

In 1953, he embarked on his career as a political cartoonist, a role that would see him featured in Sabah Al Khair and Rose El Youssef.

In 1955, he studied painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Zamalek, Cairo, under the guidance of Egyptian artist Hussein Bikar.

In 1970, he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Paris. In 1975, he ceased publishing as a cartoonist.

A Silver Medalist for his painting "A Face from Egypt", Bahgoury's artwork has been widely displayed in galleries and museums, including the Louvre Museum, the Museum of Modern Art in Amman, the Museum of Modern Art in Cairo, and the Al Masar Gallery for Contemporary Art in Zamalek, Cairo.

Bahgoury has also written three Books: “Port Said 65” ,“Sadat 80” and“Paris 1990”. The veteran artist also wrote a novel entitled “Trilogy of Icon”.

Bahgoury’s startling paintings displayed during the exhibition - Photo Courtesy of Mustafa Marie

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