Sharjah Theater Days to kick off on March 19



Wed, 06 Mar 2019 - 12:39 GMT


Wed, 06 Mar 2019 - 12:39 GMT

Previous Sharjah Theater Days performance - Official website

Previous Sharjah Theater Days performance - Official website

CAIRO - 6 March 2019: The organizing committee of the Sharjah Theater Days Festival's 29th edition held a convention at the Cultural Palace to select the participating shows.

The committee tasked with selecting the participating shows is composed of Mohamed al-Salti (UAE), Khalifa al-Takhlofa (UAE),Ghanam Ghanam (Jordan) and Hassan al-Nafaly (Morocco).

As of February 25, the committee examined for five consecutive days the participating shows, which total up to 10 performances.

The committee decided to select the following shows to compete for the festival’s awards:
“Ahmed bint Salman” written by Najy el-Hai and directed by Ahmed el-Ansary, “Magareeh” written by Ismail Abdallah and directed by Mohamed el-Amry, “El-Sa’a el-Rabe’a” (4 o'clock) written by Talal Abdallah and directed by Ibrahim Salem, “El-Argoon el-Kadim” (The Ancient Argonne) written and directed by Ali Gamal, “Talaya el-Leil” written and directed by Marie’e el-Haliyan and “Bu Shanab” (Moustache man) written by Ahmed el-majed and directed by Hassan Ragab.

In addition, the committee selected the following performances to be presented on the sidelines of the festival: “Banat al-Nokhetha” (Daughter of the sailor) written by Basma Yunif and directed by Elham Mohamed, “Seneyat el-Shokoor” written by Hamid Faris and directed by Alaa al-Ne’emi, “Mazid men el-kalam” (Further speech) written by Saleh Karama and directed by Mubarak Mashy and "Bozoor el-shar" (Evil seeds) written and directed by Muhannad Karim.

The judging panel of the festival’s official competition includes Intesar Abdel Fattah (Egypt), Ezzedin Yunet (Morocco), Omar Noqrosh (Jordan), Nawal bint Ibrahim (Morocco) and Abdalla Rashid (UAE).

The festival is set to be launched on March 19.

Launched in 1984, this annual event brings together local and Arabic theatre groups to compete for the Sharjah Award for Arab Theatrical Creativity. The groups will be observed by the Jury - consisting of theatre personalities, critics, and writers from the UAE and other countries - who are tasked with examining and judging the participating theatrical performances.

The Sharjah Theatre Days welcomes as well theatrical experts from various Arab and international countries to attend the performances and participate in practical and intellectual seminars, conferences, and open discussions. The festival also hosts an international performance to strengthen the communication between Arabic and international theatre.



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