Egyptian movie 'The House of the Lady' screened in Sharm El-Sheikh Asian Film Festival



Tue, 05 Mar 2019 - 01:37 GMT


Tue, 05 Mar 2019 - 01:37 GMT

FILE – The filmmakers

FILE – The filmmakers

CAIRO - 5 March 2019: The Egyptian Horror movie “The House of the Lady” screened in Sharm El-Sheikh Asian Film Festival on March 4, in the presence of a large audience.

“The House of the Lady” is directed by Ahmed Akl and is the only Egyptian film to participate in the long film competition at the festival.

The screening was run by Mustafa el-Kilani, head of Sharm El-Sheikh Asian Film Festival, in the presence of the filmmakers; Ahmed Akl, screenwriter Shadi al-Musallami, writer Ayman al-Ayidi and producer Mohammed Abdel Rahman.

"The film falls within the category of long feature films," said screenwriter Shadi al-Musallami, pointing out that many scenes have been removed to suit the audience.

For his part, producer Mohammed Abdel Rahman expressed his pride in working with the film’s cast and participating in the festival, pointing out that the film’s preparations and filming lasted for 6 months.

Rania al-Khatib stated that she loved her role in the film, as it was different from the previous roles she performed.

Nijar Mohammed said she was impressed with her role in the film because she performed the role of a character with numerous personalities.

Also, Marwan Musallami pointed out that this was his first experience in a feature film, and that the “composite” personality he plays in the film is mainly what attracted him to take part in the project.

Salmi el-Deeb explained that her role was different from the roles she had previously presented and that it is her first leading role, but not the first cinematic work she participates in.

The film revolves around a journalist trying to uncover the truth of the myth of the resurrection of the corpse of the evil god of the ancient Egyptians and his return to power in order to control humanity.

Sharm El-Sheikh Asian Film Festival will come to a closure on March. 8.



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