FILE - Late actor Alaa Waley el-Din FILE - Late actor Alaa Waley el-Din

ET commemorates comedian Alaa Waley el-Din

Mon, Feb. 11, 2019
CAIRO – 11 February 2019: Alaa Waley el-Din was born in 1963 in Egypt. He was a popular actor best known for his roles in “Al-Irhab wal Kabab” (1992), “Dehk we leab we Gad we Hob” (1993) and “El-Nazer” (2000).

Waley el-Din died on Feb. 11, 2003 in Cairo, Egypt. He was the son of late actor Samir Waley el-Din. His father acted on stage with prominent actor Adel Imam in the comedy play “Shahed Mashafsh Haga” in the 1970’s; a play that achieved unprecedented success.
Alaa joined the Faculty of Commerce, where he graduated in 1985.
The late actor played significant roles in movies such as “Ibn Ezz”, “Rehlat Faraj w Ghareeb”, “Aboud ala el-hedoud”, “Resala ela al-Waly”, Bakhit wa Adeela 2”, “Halla Hoosh”, “Samaka wa Arba Quroush”, “Romantica”, “El-Noom fel Asal”, “Al-Ziny Barakat”, and “Yawmeat Wanees”, among others.

Most of the films in which he participated achieved great success and were appreciated by the audience. Alaa was overweight with a face that many considered as a “baby face”.

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